Peter George, writer with a connection to Wales (Rhondda)

Peter George

Author of 'Red Alert' made into the film Dr Strangelove.

Connection: Born in Treorchy, Rhondda.

comment by:lulibug
Peter was my mothers cousin

comment by:serens
Hi I am a very distant relation. Does anyone have any info on what he was like as a person as I am researching him? Many thanks!

comment by:Nashville
I'm doing some research about him as he still seems relatively undiscovered in Wales when you consider the success of the film that his book inspired. I would love to know more about him as a person, for a possible item about him on the TV in 2007. Please use the Famous Welsh MessagePad service to contact me. You simply need to log in and click MessagePad on your users console.

Rhondda, South Wales, Treorchy

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