Dylan Thomas, writer (Under Milkwood, Swansea Grammar) with a connection to Wales (Swansea, West Wales)

Dylan Thomas

Poet, author of 'Under Milkwood' drunk genius with unpleasant character (Swansea Jack?). Died in America.

Connection: From Swansea.
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toward the end of his life poet dylan thomas toured america, performing his works before sell-out audiences. bob kingdom assumes the role of thomas in an interpretation of these legendary lectures.

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comment by:StarshineSuper
Dylan was a pupil at the Swansea Grammar School. I attended the Swansea Municipal School . I remember our English teacher reading a poem by Dylan printed in the Grammar School magazine. He described as 'remarkable' for one so young. A glimpse of things to come?

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this searing book is caitlin's story of the passions, the rage and the tragic humour of those years of drink and the toll it took on the lives of two talented people, leaving one of them dead at the age of thirty-nine, and the other alone, penniless and an alcoholic. it is also the memoir of a woman not always likeable, but consistently energetic and honest and possessing an indomitable spirit.

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a season of dylan thomas audiobook featuring dylan thomas with narrator by richard burton and sian phillips. this stunning release includes the highly acclaimed re-make of dylan's definitive play, under milk wood with richard burton and sian phillips as the first and second voices. dylan thomas's lyrical masterpiece traces the lives of a group of villagers in a tiny welsh seaport. together with interviews with the poet, this forms a fascinating audio portrait of a brilliant man.

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