Gareth Hughes, Actor from Llanelli, Wales

Gareth Hughes Born 23 August 1894 in Llanelli, South Wales, United Kingdom, as William John Hughes. Died 1 October 1965 in the Motion Picture Country Home in Woodland Hills, California, USA, of hypoxia.

Griffith Jones, writer from Carmarthenshire, Wales

Griffith Jones Founder of the "Circulating Schools", Griffith Jones has been credited with making Wales "the most literate nation in the world". By Jones's death in 1761 it was estimated that 158,000 Welsh-folk of a population of 480,000 (33%) were literate and 3,500 schools had been established.

John Cale, musician with a Welsh connection!

John Cale Innovative composer and musician. Has written music for cinema, ballet and other performance art. Has collaborated with many (other) influential musicians and composers in particular Lou Reed.

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