Lee Williams, sportsman with a connection to Wales (Rhondda)

Lee Williams

Is one of Wales' most promising mountain bike cyclists. Has been Welsh under 23 cyclo- cross champion in 2004 and has won many Welsh mountain bike championships over his career.
Connection: Born in the Rhondda.

comment by:cyclingfan
He is currently aiming for the commonwealth games in 2006. He has been ranked in the top ten mountain bikers in Britain in previous years and is continuing to perform well in Europe.

comment by:mtbgroopie
Lee Williams is a very talented Mountain Biker and a very sexy boy indeed. I have been following Lee (his career) for a while now and I am pleased to report that my plan to hide in his blue transit and sneak into his lovely green bedroom is going well. I have all the relevant paperwork to get us out of the country when we are married. If any of Lee's fans think they will get to him first they are wrong. He's mine.

comment by:abiker
Lee is the 2007 Welsh Cross Country Mountain Bike Champion and the 2007 Welsh Cyclo-Cross Champion.


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