Jonathon Davies, sportsman with a connection to Wales (Neath)

Jonathon Davies

An amazing fly half. One of the only players to be successful at Union and League.
Connection: Born and raised in Glynneath.

comment by:Dontforget
Capped by Wales (union) and British Lions (league)

comment by:DuBonnet
Jonathan with an 'a'.

comment by:sospan
And attended Gwendraeth Valley comprehensive, lived in Trimsaran. Donated several shirts to Trimsaran Rugby Club!

comment by:W'Dei
Glynneath! I don't think so! He was from Trimsaran and went to Gwendraeth Grammar School.

comment by:thumper
I love him.

comment by:bethanroberts
Jonathan is from Trimsaran. I know, I went to GGS in the same class. Bethan, Boston Ma USA.

comment by:peaches
Glynneath? Jonathon is a born and bred Trimsaran boy. H is the pride of his village and I definitely know this as he is my cousin and I ate every school dinner with his ten foot square mural in front of me.

comment by:emmallew
My grand father is cousin to Jonathan's mum Diana. So I think I am his second cousin, from Southampton. (personal information removed, please use our MessagePad service for this type of posting - Ed)

link by: Ystalyfera
exiled old fart
Congrats Your Life is one of the greats. Now win your final accolade by coaching Wales back to their Glory Days.

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