Phil Bennett, sportsman with a connection to Wales (Llanelli)

Phil Bennett

Played rugby union for Llanelli, Wales and the British Lions.
Connection: From Llanelli.

comment by:Tim123
Phill Bennett! What can I say Great guy Knows his Rugby. If only he could coach our national side! I read his views in the evening post every Tuesday of the rugby season.

comment by:scarlets4ever
Phil Bennett. The greatest rugby player!

comment by:MalcolmX
Phil Bennett is my first cousin. I am the daughter of David O'Callaghan, his uncle. His mother was May Bennett (O'Callaghan) he had four aunts on his mothers side, Agnes, Nan, Kath and Tess and one uncle David. David and his family lived in Liverpool. I currently live in Vancouver, Canada. Phil and I have never met or chatted but if I would love to contact him.


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