Burke Shelley Budgie's Bass Singer from Cardiff, South Wales

Burke Shelley Lead singer and guitarist with Budgie, the rock band from the Cardiff area which were rated as Wales's best rock band in the 1970's. The band are internationally famous, top U.S. band Metallica even covered two of their songs.

Catherine Zeta Jones, from Swansea, Wales

Catherine Jones Many TV and movie roles including 'Zoro' and 'Darling Buds of May'. Stunningly attractive and oozing with talent this Swansea girl became Hollywood royalty when she married screen legend Michael Douglas. Catherine is used to mixing with the best, her career includes TV and film appearances with, amongst others David Jason, Ewan MaGregor, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery and of course Sir Anthony Hopkins. Now married with children to Hollywood royal Michael Douglas , Catherine lives in America. She hasn't let married...

Charles Byrd, artist with a connection to Wales (Pontypridd)

Charles Byrd Paintings of old Butetown and old Cardiff from the 1950's (mainly housed in Cardiff County Hall and Cardiff City Library; the 'Museum of Magical Machines', a large brightly coloured kinetic assemblages in Cardiff's Old Library (before it became the short-lived Contemporary Visual Arts Centre).

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