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Scientists: Inventors, Researchers, Engineers, Mathematicians

Scientists seem to spend so much time behind-the-scenes it's actually rare for someone to gain enough public  aknoledgement to appear on a famous list. When this happens it's usually because their discoveries and inventions have made them wealthy businessmen (or women). If you check our business listings you'll see this. Meanwhile we do have some notable names including Alan Cox, Dr Evan Pierce, Herbert Stuart, John Ddu and of course mathematician  Robert Recorde.

Robert Recorde, scientist with a connection to Wales (Tenby, West Wales)

Robert Recorde Very influential physician and mathamatician. Robert published some of the most important books of his era including the first English language book on Algebra which incidentally is where the equals symbol is first seen in use! He achieved high office too, being not only the king's physician but also the controller of the Royal Mint (which is now based in Pontyclun, South Wales). As is true today, positions of power attract enemies and sadly it was his high profile that lead to his downfall. Robert was broken...


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