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Michael Moritz, scientist with a connection to Wales (Cardiff)

Michael Moritz

Michael is a venture capitalist with sequoia capital in California. And a former member of the board of google inc. His Internet investments include google, youtube, etoys, ebay, yahoo! , paypal and Apple computers. His investment in google has made him one of Wales' richest men.
Connection: He was born in Cardiff in 1954 and educated at Howardian High School in Cardiff, as well as Christ Church Oxford England and the University of Pennsylvania in America.

comment by:sarajay
His investment helped him to achieve the number one listing in Forbes "midas list" of the top deal-makers in the technology industry in 2006 and 2007. And a place on the 2007 "time 100" list, he is listed by the Sunday Times as having a fortune of £558 million.