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David Brunt, scientist with a connection to Wales (Penfforddlas)

David Brunt

Pioneer of modern meteorology; head of Meteorological Office, secretary of Royal Society.
Connection: From Penfforddlas, Wales.

comment by:Mizoguchi
The 'Brunt-Vailsala period'- of oscillation of the atmosphere- is named after him.

comment by:dianaH
This is my great-great uncle and also had a part of Antarctica named after him 'The Brunt ice shelf', interested in any more info on him, Thanks.

comment by:davidb
I happened to come across your website. My interest is, of course, in respect of my namesake. Even more interesting is that my father who is now eighty-five and retired was a meteorologist like Sir David. I myself trained as a geologist and now live and work in Adelaide, South Australia. Unfortunalty I have never been to Wales but will follow anything on Sir David Brunt with interest. We may be related, as ancestors of mine came to Australia in 1830 from Bristol, not too far away from Wales!

comment by:ktbrunty
Our surname is Brunt and my dad came from Wales so I wonder if were any relation to him? Try to find out where in Wales, let us know! - Ed

comment by:miranda
David brunt was my paternal grandfathers brother.