Robert Recorde, scientist with a connection to Wales (Tenby, West Wales)

Robert Recorde

Very influential physician and mathamatician. Robert published some of the most important books of his era including the first English language book on Algebra which incidentally is where the equals symbol is first seen in use! He achieved high office too, being not only the king's physician but also the controller of the Royal Mint (which is now based in Pontyclun, South Wales).

As is true today, positions of power attract enemies and sadly it was his high profile that lead to his downfall. Robert was broken by a law suit and as a bankrupt was sent to debtours jail at Southwark where he died.
Connection: From Tenby, West Wales.

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Born in Tenby in 1510. Apart from designing the equals sign, he was the founder of modern Algebra. He was also later physician to Edward VI. Later still he was the head of the Mint in Bristol. However he fell on hard times and died in a debtor's prison in 1558

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Reprints of Robert Recorde Books
Robert recorde's 16th century mathematical books are back in print after 450 years. Full specifications of his books, sample 'look-inside' pages, isbn and prices etc. Are all on the site.


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