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Tich Gwilym, musician with a connection to Wales (Rhondda)

Tich Gwilym

Renown guitarist, in fact you could say he was a guitarist's guitarist. Played with many influential Welsh musicians notably Geraint Jarman.
Connection: From Penygraig, Rhondda.

comment by:MoonZephyr
Why on earth was Tich not up there with the likes of Beck and Clapton. He was creative, technically amazing and much appreciated.

comment by:docius
Hi ,just noticed this site. I am one of Tich Gwilyms sons. Would be great to hear any feed back. Peace out.

Ed Says: "We live in a world of lost opportunities, what great musician Tich was. Saw Jeff Beck on TV the other day and all I could think was, as good as Beck is, Tich was better."

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