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Edward Jones, musician with a connection to Wales (Merioneth)

Edward Jones

His appointment as the king's harpist (1783-77) and more than twenty musical publications, including his popular 'The musical and poetical relicks of the Welsh bards' first published in 1784. Despite his popularity as a tutor to the nobility and gentry of London, he died penniless.

Connection: Edward Jones, Bardd y Brenin (The King's Bard) was born in 1752 at Henblas, Llandderfel, Merioneth and died in London in 1824.

comment by:bardseyview
An excellent account of the bard's life is available from the Welsh folk dance society in a bilingual publication titled 'dawnsiau bardd y brenin' (2002).

comment by:WebWeaver
I believe I am Edward Jones' great-granddaughter. My grandmother talked about her grandfather and his harp travelling in a hansom cab in the rain. The harp was inside the cab and he was on the footplate. She said the soaking he got was the cause of his death. She also said a coach would come to the door and take him to the palace on occasions to play for the king. And, yes, he was poor.