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Deke Leonard, musician with a connection to Wales (Llanelli)

Deke Leonard

Played with exceptional live rock band of the seventies.

Connection: Born in Llanelli.
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their second album '2oz' includes the classic 'spunk box', every budding guitarist in south wales of the seventies could play that riff 'da na da na na, na na' or was it na na da na na da na? i'll have to listen to it again!

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comment by:RogEvs
Man evolved from a Merthyr Tydfil based harmony-vocal pop group called 'the Bystanders', of which Mickey Jones and Clive John were members. Deke Leonard defected to them from fellow Welsh group 'The Dream' and in 1968 Man was born.

They spent the first half of the seventies touring virtually non stop and yet also managed to release at least an album a year. Yet, like the Grateful Dead, to whom they have often been compared, man never sounded their best on record and came into their own in their many concerts.

Man are still going strong today, touring regularly and releasing albums occasionally to the delight of their solid fan base of dedicated Man fans.

comment by:CrazyHorse
Deke Leonard was born in Llanelli, not Merthyr Tydfil. Thirty-four albums with Man and solo albums including: Legendary 'Iceberg' and 'Kamikaze'. Latest albums: 'Freedom and Chains' January 2005 and 'Deke Leonard - Wireless March 2005. Deke's two highly acclaimed and hilarious books have been licensed by fiction factory films for film and BBC Radio Wales forthcoming serialisation. Dek's reformed 'Iceberg' tour kicks off at the Patti Pavilion in Swansea on 15th July, 2005.

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with tracks like 'razorblade and rattlesnake' and 'daughter of the fireplace' deke shows just how colourful a single album can be when you know what you're doing, experiance counts!

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Deke Leonard Website
Official Deke Leonard Website - a must for all his fans!

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