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Michael Ball, musician with a Welsh connection!

Michael Ball

'Love Changes Everything', 'Aspects of Love', 'Les Miserables' and 'Phantom of the Opera' are his numerous musicals. He has, several solo albums to his name. Also Eurovision 1992 with 'One step out of Time'.

Connection: His mother Ruth is Welsh.
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an excellent two disc set featuring classic big ballards like the massive hit 'love changes everything' along with modern classics like 'send in the clowns' and a live version of 'the way we were'.

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comment by:TheDoc
Isn't he from Mountain Ash?

comment by:Spovah
I certainly know that his uncle is in the Mountain Ash male voice choir.

comment by:Gracedarling
Michael's mum and family come from Mountain Ash.

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michael performs stage favourites such as music of the night from phantom of the opera, bring him home from les miserables and winner takes it all from mamma mia. if you're a fan of the musical theatre you'll love this album!

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