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Cerys Matthews, musician with a connection to Wales (Morriston, Llanelli, Swansea)

Cerys Matthews

Ex Vocalist with massive Welsh rock group Catatonia.

Connection: Attended Brynymor Welsh Medium School in Swansea and St. Michael's Private School in Llanelli. Her father was an orthopaedic surgeon at Morriston Hospital.
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comment by:SloopJohnB
She also went to the Sixth form at Fishguard Secondary School, around about 1991-92 ish, to do A levels, she was a bit older than the rest of us sixth formers. Her parents live in Pembrokeshire close to Fishguard, which I guess is the reason why she went to the school. Recently I heard our old head of 6th form he asked her to be honorary president of the local longboat league which he is involved in, I think she said yes!

comment by:SwanSong
I'm a songwriter from Swansea. My most well known song is called 'Swansea Town' which has been recorded by Max Boyce and the late Sir Harry Secombe. Also the Morriston Orpheus Choir. I wrote the words and music but I share the credits and royalties with my then co-writer Billy Jewell. Cerys Matthews is from Swansea and I would be delighted if she would sing this song sometime. She's a great singer in pop and folk styles and could make this song her own. I have a Welsh version written by Emyr Lewis from Clydach. He was the chaired Bard at the National Eisteddfod held in Bridgend in 1998.'Swansea Town' has yet to be sung in Welsh. If Cerys would like to cover this song SwanSong would like to know, Ed.

comment by:MoreTeaVica
Born 11th April 1969 in Cardiff. Her parents now live in Pembrokeshire.

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Llanelli, Swansea, Catatonia