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David Lloyd George, politician : Cricieth, Wales

David Lloyd George

Former Liberal MP and Prime Minister.

Connection: Born in Manchester in 1863 but was brought up in the Cricieth area. He has many descendants still living in the area.


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by john grigg the outbreak of the european war altered the whole course of lloyd george's life and as minister of munitions, he carried through what was almost another industrial revolution - and a social one as well. however his imaginative views on strategy brought him into conflict with professional warlords, and his advocacy of conscription outraged many of his liberal colleagues.

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the first volume of john grigg's biography covers the future prime minister's life from 1863 to 1902. grigg re-examines many stock assumptions about lloyd george, never losing sight of the man behind the politician, nor forgetting that politics were, after all, the dominating passion in his life. what emerges is, consequently, more than a study of the young lloyd george; it is in many respects an interpretation of the man, both as a private individual and as a major historic personality.

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