William Hughes, Australian Prime Minister linked to Llandudno, North Wales

William Hughes

Prime Minister of Australia 1915-1923.

Connection: Born in Llandudno.

comment by:DualNational
The Australian Government web site says Billy Hughes was born in Pimlico London and went to primary school in Llandudno.

comment by:davidjones
In 1918 whilst visiting the UK, William Morris Hughes sent a morse code wireless message to Australia from the Marconi wireless station at Waunfawr. It was the first radio signal from Europe to be received in the Antipodes.

comment by:Phillip1963
Billy Hughes only went to school in Llandudno. One of his class mates was John Bright who the local high school is named after. There is a plaque stating this on the wall of the old school building in Llandudno.

comment by:pritchard983
A little man who had the power of rivers in winter, a hiraeth yn ei galon,

North Wales, Llandudno

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