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Lord Atkin, notable with a Welsh connection!

Lord Atkin

Law Lord who was without doubt one the greatest United Kingdom common law judges. Lord Atkin's career had two highlights. First, he fashioned the famous 'neighbour test' which founded the modern law of negligence. (Donoghue v. Stevenson 1932). Second, during the war he courageously dissented in Liversidge v. Anderson (1942).
Connection: Lord Atkin of Aberdovey. Born in South Australia but he returned with his Welsh family to Aberdovey.

comment by:RichardCastle
I believe Lord Atkin was born in Brisbane, which is in Queensland not South Australia, see dnb.

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Lord Atkin Lecture
Each year christ college brecon hosts the annual lord atkin lecture in honour of one of its most famous old breconians.