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Richard Americk, historical personality with a Welsh connection!

Richard Americk

Had a whole continent named after him, America!
Connection: He was wholly Welsh , surname Ap Meurig. In 1491 He was working as the senior customs official in Bristol and regularly sent supplies to ships in the fishing grounds off Newfoundland. In 1497 he authorised John Cabot to search for the new land.

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It is a well known fact that (Vikings aside) the first European to set foot on the American continent was an Italian, John Cabot on behalf of England in 1497. Columbus didn't set foot in America until 1501. Cabot's voyage was financed by a group of Bristol based businessmen including 'Richard Americk' and some believe the continent was in fact named after him and not as widely supposed Amerigo vespucci. Readers may also be interested in the exploits of Prince Maddock, predating both the Columbus and Cabot claims.