Brymbo Man, historical personality with a connection to Wales (Wrexham)

Brymbo Man

One of Wales' prehistoric residents. His skull was expertly reconstructed to see how he would have looked. The result is on display in the Wrexham Museum.
Connection: One of Wales' oldest residents. Brymbo Man's remains were uncovered near Wrexham in 1958. He lived circa 1635BC.

comment by:DaveEvans
I was four years old when I saw Brymbo man in his grave.
The skeleton was found in the garden above our house, I can remember my dad holding me up to see the remains, as the council were held up in their work building an out house on top Cheshire View.
I can recall the activity and the area being screened off, as initially it was thought that it was a murder. This find gave me an interest in history that has always stayed with me. I am forty-nine this year and my son works in Wrexham Museum. I call in to see him and my old friend the Beaker man. This is how I refer to him. This find was lucky and we could have missed him, he is a link to our past and it was great to see his face reconstructed. Lets hope we make more of him and learn from this people who lived in Brymbo so long ago.

North Wales, Wrexham

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