Queen Boudica, historical personality with a Welsh connection!

Queen Boudica

Gathered a vast army against the Romans and sacked London.
Connection: Queen of the Iceni tribe of ancient Britons.

comment by:StandardRaiser
She completely trashed St. Albans (and Colchester?) too. Conflict erupted after the death of her husband, the Romans claimed more taxes than agreed and the resulting protests lead to her public flogging and the rape of her daughters. The Iceni went nuts. Ultimately the Iceni were broken by superior military know-how - Ed

comment by:Taliesin
Boudicca / Boadicea / Buddug was a Welsh Queen, speaking Welsh, in what is now called England. Her war cry was 'Y gwir erbyn y Byd' - 'The Truth against the World'. Her grave, with chariots, was excavated 21st February 1988 beneath Platform eight of Kings Cross Station. But will the English believe it?

comment by:kingwombat
Would like to hear more about the controversy surrounding Boudica's excavation.

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