Owain Glyndwr, historical personality with a Welsh connection!

Owain Glyndwr

Waged war against English rule.
Connection: Set up the first and only independent Welsh parliament.

comment by:patriotgames
Owain destroyed most of the farmland of Wales and killed many, many innocent people during his personal vendetta against the crown. He was nothing short of what today would be considered a terrorist and he really nothing other than a traitor and a rebel.

comment by:Pleidwraig
What rubbish from the first two contributors. I hardly think a 'terrorist' or a 'rebel' would consider setting up a Welsh Parliament and a Welsh University (both really far sighted ideas at the time). Glyndwr was the last indigenous and real 'Prince of Wales' and the least his detractors can give him is the title of 'freedom fighter', 'terrorist' my foot! You probably think the same of Nelson Mandela!

comment by:emzieloo
Well what a load of twaddle. Terrorist indeed! Owain Glyndwr fought for what he believed in. A free Wales. There was much unrest because of the harsh rule of England and strained relations between Owain and his neighbour Lord Grey of Ruthin, a close friend of Henry. When in 1400 Lord Grey deliberately delayed summoning Glyndwr to serve in the army in Scotland until it was too late to make an explanation, the uprising began with an attack on Ruthin and other towns in Northeast Wales.

comment by:emzieloo
After the attacks the men disappeared back into the hills. When King Henry marched from Shrewsbury at the head of a large army, not a single Welsh soldier could he find. Glyndwr was declared an outlaw and his estates were confiscated. The skirmishes became battles over the next few years, such as the important victory at Hyddgen on Plynlimon. News of success spread through Wales and the Welsh grasped the opportunity to serve under the great leader they has been waiting for since the days of Llewellyn Fawr and to throw off the English rule they hated so much.

comment by:emzieloo
Welsh students at Oxford sold their books and travelled home to fight, Welsh labourers in the fields of Shropshire and Herefordshire downed tools. As far as the Welsh were concerned, if Richard was still alive then Henry was not the lawful king and his son could not be prince of Wales, the obvious alternative was Owain Glyndwr. They did not like being ruled by outsiders, who could not speak Welsh and who did not understand Welsh customs. It took many years for Wales and the English border counties to recover from Qwain's rebellion. Both sides, English and Welsh, had done great damage, destroying towns, villages and farmland.

comment by:Fatty72
I strongly disagree with the initial comments, I suppose these (presumably English) would also call George Washington a "terrorist" and a "rebel".

Owain Glyndwr is the 'William Wallace' of Wales, but without all the conjecture and speculation. He is a national hero and icon and I'll not hear otherwise. I named my some after him.

link by: DdraigGoch
Good summation of his role in Welsh politics

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