Jemima Nicholas, historical personality with a connection to Wales (Fishguard)

Jemima Nicholas

Welsh Heroine! A local cobbler who, with a group of Welsh ladies in their Welsh hats and red flannel cloaks, repelled the French army during the last invasion of Britain in 1797.
Connection: Born and died in Fishguard.

comment by:carrutherslisa
I believe I am related to Jemima Nicholas, My Great Great Grandfather was a gentleman called Charles Nicholas from Fishguard. Does anyone have any info on the Nicholas ancestry?

comment by:merlin
My grand mothers name was Georgina Nicholas who originated from Pembrokeshire I am told is a descendant of Jemima. Until recently our family lived in Broadmoor, Pembrokeshire.

comment by:Suewilliams
My great great grandfather Charles Nicholas (Kidwelly) was an ancestor of Jemima Nicholas. He was the keeper of Kidwelly Castle. My grandmother was named after Jemima Nicholas and as a young woman, moved to Trebanos in the Swansea valley. Sadly she passed away in the 1970's. The are still relatives living in Kidwelly.

comment by:Bunnie
My late husband was descened from Thomas Nicholas, born in Burton, Pembrokeshire. Does anyone know anything about this banch of the family?

comment by:denise44
Hi all, my maternal grandfather, Samuel Hughes Nicholas, has always claimed a direct connection to Jemima Nicholas. I have just started searching info for my Nicholas family tree.

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