Sir Thomas Picton, historical personality with a connection to Wales (Haverfordwest)

Sir Thomas Picton

One of Wellington's generals in the 'Peninsula War' and after at Waterloo.
Connection: Born in Haverfordwest.

comment by:Chalky
School named after him in H/west

comment by:Margaret
An ex Governor of Trinidad he was the only Welshman to be buried in St. Paul's Cathedral and was Wellington's famous 'Welsh General' killed at the battle of Waterloo. A distant relative of mine.

comment by:mcoombes
I am related to Thomas Picton. The name has been carried down through the family and my fathers middle name is Picton. It has been the middle name of all first born males in the family but unfortunately my dad didn't use it for me. My dad has the actual horsemans battlesword (sabre? ) that belonged to Thomas Picton and that has been passed down through the family and will one day belong to me.

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