Arthur of the Britons, a very un-English King.

King Arthur One of the most discussed and widely known rulers the world has known. 'Seeker of the Holy Grail', 'Wise and skilful ruler', 'Mighty chieftain' or simply a freedom fighter - the choice is yours. Today, most people know of the romantic 'Hollywood' version of Arthur but the true story of Arthur is likely to be something much more down to earth. There are no truly 'hard facts' but experts are pretty sure of a few things. 'He' was a man, not a woman dressed up.

Merlin, Arthur's druid advisor

Merlin Legendary magician, prophet and advisor to King Arthur. In all the Arthurian legends there is a lot of scope for scepticism yet enough to hint at real people or events. For Merlin however nearly everything we know is likely to have been introduced much later than the core legendary character. In other words, even if we found super accurate dna evidence and a birth certificate for Arthur, Merlin would probably remain myth.

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