Lemmy Kilmister, the Motorhead from Anglesey, Wales

Lemmy Kilmister Lead singer and bass player for monster rockers Motorhead and a member of cult 70's group Hawkwind. Lemmy was diagnosed with cancer on Boxing Day, 26th December 2015 and died just days later on the 28th December 2015. Apprently he had been quite ill for a while having been diagnosed with haematoma (the swelling of clotted blood within the tissues) in 2013. He was also diabetic. A long, non-stop career included hit singles and countless yet memorable appearances. His memorial service held in Los Angeles,...

William Jones, mathematician from Anglesey, North Wales

William Jones Mathematician from Anglsey His father John George Jones relied on a charity school at Llanfechell for William's education. His mathematical talent gained the attention of the Bulkeley family (local landowners) who found him employment in London working at a merchant's counting-house (where goods were inspected and money exchanged). Jones also worked for the Royal Navy, teaching mathematics on board Navy ships for seven years from 1695. Here his attention focused on navigation. He wrote 'A New Compendium...

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