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Burke Shelley Budgie's Bass Singer from Cardiff, South Wales

Burke Shelley Lead singer and guitarist with Budgie, the rock band from the Cardiff area which were rated as Wales's best rock band in the 1970's. The band are internationally famous, top U.S. band Metallica even covered two of their songs.

David Bowie was not from Wales.

David Bowie Famous distinctive and influential pop-rock star. Welsh connection or not, we're sad to see him leave us in 2016.

John Cale, musician with a Welsh connection!

John Cale Innovative composer and musician. Has written music for cinema, ballet and other performance art. Has collaborated with many (other) influential musicians and composers in particular Lou Reed.

Kelly Jones the Stereophonics from Cwm, Aberdare

Kelly Jones, singer guitarist The Stereophonic's singer, guitarist and songwriter! Kelly (born 3 June 1974) is a Welsh born and bred singer, songwriter and lead guitarist with the Stereophonics. Influenced by classic rock bands such as The Who, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC (Mmm, seems to like Gibson SG guitars like Angus Young plays) and punk rockers too. He is noted for his strong but grainy voice. Kelly's song lyrics seem to show influences from many British artists as well as American mega stars such as Neil Young and arguably...

Matt Jones, signer, song writer from South Wales

Matt Jones Founding member, guitarist and songwriter for the Hepburns. They recorded a number of singles and ep's in the 1980's. A classic case of 'before their time', if they were up and coming now they'd be picked up like a shot!

Meinir Gwilym singer and writer from Anglesey

Meinir Gwilym, new talent from the old country. Meinir has established herself as one of the best selling Welsh language artists ever, and she's just getting into her stride! Born and raised in the small village of Llangristiolus in the heart of the Isle of Anglesey (Ynys Môn) off the North Wales coast, singer-songwriter Meinir Gwilym has established herself as one of the best selling Welsh language artists ever.

Michael Ball, musician with a Welsh connection!

Michael Ball 'Love Changes Everything', 'Aspects of Love', 'Les Miserables' and 'Phantom of the Opera' are his numerous musicals. He has, several solo albums to his name. Also Eurovision 1992 with 'One step out of Time'.