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Charles Byrd, artist with a connection to Wales (Pontypridd)

Charles Byrd Paintings of old Butetown and old Cardiff from the 1950's (mainly housed in Cardiff County Hall and Cardiff City Library; the 'Museum of Magical Machines', a large brightly coloured kinetic assemblages in Cardiff's Old Library (before it became the short-lived Contemporary Visual Arts Centre).

Phil Campbell, Motorhead guitarist from Pontypridd, South Wales

Phil Campbell Guitarist with rock group Motorhead, of 'Ace of spades' fame. Now has his own band "Phil Campbell's All Starr Band". Phil is an excellent rock guitarist as one would expect playing with world class acts like Motorhead but it's not all thrash and bang, when playing acoustic guitar we hear a sensitivity lost in the haze of Marshall walls. Very much hope as a new chapter in his career develops we hear a Phil Campbell with new dimentions, new horizons.

Pritchard Henry, notable with a connection to Wales (Pontypridd)

Pritchard Henry Along with six of his seven brothers he holds the world record (verified by Guinness Book of World Records) for largest number of siblings to serve in the armed forces in the second world war. All saw active service. The brothers who share this record and their birth places are Albert (Pontypridd), Dai (Rhydyfelin) Horace, Clifford, Idris, Ron (all born Penrhiwceiber. Ron, the youngest, was the only one who was killed, aged nineteen.