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Alan Cox | Linux inventor and programmer from Swansea, Wales

Alan Cox Alan cox (born 1968) is a programmer heavily involved in the development of the linux kernel since its early days (1991). He then became one of the main developers and maintainers of the whole kernel. This is an extremly important contribution to the 'Open Source' software community.

Catherine Zeta Jones, from Swansea, Wales

Catherine Jones Many TV and movie roles including 'Zoro' and 'Darling Buds of May'. Stunningly attractive and oozing with talent this Swansea girl became Hollywood royalty when she married screen legend Michael Douglas. Catherine is used to mixing with the best, her career includes TV and film appearances with, amongst others David Jason, Ewan MaGregor, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery and of course Sir Anthony Hopkins. Now married with children to Hollywood royal Michael Douglas , Catherine lives in America. She hasn't let married...

Colin Jones, sportsman with a connection to Wales (Gorseinon, Penyrheol, Swansea)

Colin Jones Boxer of note. Defeated Kirkland Laing tp become the British Champion and went on to beat Mark Harris for the Commonwealth title too. He later went up against Henrik-Palm for the European Welterweight Championship, a match lasting just two rounds. Could have taken the World title but for a split descision from the judges!

Dewi Phillips, writer linked to Morriston, Swansea, South Wales

Professor Dewi Phillips He was best known for his publications on the philosophy of religion, he had published articles in ethics, philosophy and literature and Welsh language publications in Welsh literature. Professor Phillips was very well respected, considered one of the most important philosophers of religion and morality in the world.