The Severn Bridge, crossing to Wales from England

Windsor Davies dies aged 88

Windsor Davies dies aged 88

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Vic Franklyn, Canadian singer born in Aberdare, Wales

... two years ago you asked me to try and find your half sister Samantha Evans (Vic Franklyn's daughter, your sister) ---well guess what---I've just received an email from her. Richard. comment by:Michelle  ...

Bartholomew Roberts, South to St. Bartholomew

...  one James Perry (an illiterate and particularly underhanded scoundrel) dead; run through by Roberts. Perry was close friends with Richard Jones an ordinary crewman who had been ashore at the time. On hi ...

Sir Anthony Hopkins, actor from Port Talbot, Wales

...  in margam, a stone's throw away from Richard Burton and not too far from Catherine Zeta-Jones or Rob Brydon. Must be something about that part of Wales that brings the 'actor' out. Strangly, one can sa ...

Mostyn Thomas, musician with a connection to Wales (Gwent)

... ronology of his career with the San Carlo Opera Co. Also a few personal anecdotes. If you are interested, I would be more than happy to share them with you. Best regards, richard lindau comment by:ojo ...

Tommy Farr, sportsman with a connection to Wales (Tonypandy)

... .       Jimmy Wilde, Boxing contenders.       Dick Richardson, Boxing contenders.       Eddie Thomas, Boxing contenders.       Phil Edwards, Boxing contenders.       Joe Erskine, Boxing contenders ...