The Severn Bridge, crossing to Wales from England

Windsor Davies dies aged 88

Windsor Davies dies aged 88

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    ...  artists, sculptors and craftsmen. You'll find references to Cefyn Burgess, David Emmanuel, Charles Byrd, Ernest Zobole, Christopher Williams, Gwen John and more!  ...

    Gareth Hughes, Actor from Llanelli, Wales

    ...  where he acted as unofficial chaplain. He baptised Clara Kimball Young at the home not long before her death, and officiated at Edmund Gwenn’s funeral. The rigours of the desert and a lung condition  ...

    Cefyn Burgess, artist with a Welsh connection!

    ... by:angiekh I was taught by Cefyn Burgess in college. He was a brilliant tutor and I would love to work for him! comment by:ogwen123 I have known Cefyn all his life I come from the same village ...