The Severn Bridge, crossing to Wales from England

Windsor Davies dies aged 88

Windsor Davies dies aged 88

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    John Hughes, musician with a connection to Wales (Pontypridd)

    ...  sister visited. She was a typical ?David? in features - she might have been my grandfather's twin to look at! I have always been fiercely proud of ?my? hymn (any the remaining members of the David family of course)  ...

    T Lawrence, writer with a connection to Wales (Tremadog)

    ...    with lawrence in arabia inspiration for the david lean film 'lawrence of arabia'. in the years following the end of the world war i, there was no stronger legend about any of its participan ...

    Bledry Morgan, related to Sir Henry Morgan

    ...  Related to Bledry Morgan More Connections Sir Henry Morgan, Family member. Bartholomew Roberts, Buccaneers, Freebooters and Pirates. David Williams, Buccaneers, Freebooters ...

    Princess Diana, notable with a Welsh connection!

    ... se of her title. She has to have a mention here. - Ed Related information...       David Emmanuel, The Princess of Wales' designer.       Jason Gardiner, In memorial of Diana.       Robert Thomas, Scu ...