Cefyn Burgess

Celtic weavings.
Connection: Born in Bethedsa, an internationally renowned traditional Welsh fabric designer and weaver. Still lives in Wales, and now a druid at the Eisteddfod.

comment by:angiekh
I was taught by Cefyn Burgess in college. He was a brilliant tutor and I would love to work for him!

comment by:ogwen123
I have known Cefyn all his life I come from the same village and have been a close family friend for many years. I am very glad indeed that he is so successful and I wish him all the very best for the future, God bless you Cefyn. Love Rita.

comment by:zebrariding
Cefyn burgess is a fabulous artist. I've chosen him as my case artist for my gcse art project. His work is fantastic and I absolutely love his unique style!

link by: johnclark
Cefyn Burgess Official Website
A review of cefyn burgess' woven cloths, textiles and bespoke fabrics. There is also a gallery of cefyns work on welsh chapels, a news page and details to contact cefyn.

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