Mandy Davies, media personality with a connection to Wales (Llanelli)

Mandy Davies

Centre of the 1963 British 'Profumo' scandal.
Connection: Born in Pontyates, near Llanelli, 1944.

comment by:welshrob1
The quote 'Well they would say that, wouldn't they?' at the Profumo trial. Bridget Fonda played her in the film 'Scandal'.

comment by:Glitter
She's my second cousin! (how lucky are you! - Ed)

comment by:stevemonty
My father John Montgomery is also a second cousin of Mandy. He is trying to trace his family history unfortunately we have no records. If anyone can provide any more information about the family in Wales we would be grateful.

comment by:Minicooper
I live in Solihull, West Midlands in a house previously occupied by David Rice-Davies. I would like information on Mandy's family in Wales. Her parent's names and at what point did the name become double barreled. Also what did her father/grandfather do for a living?


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