Wyn Calvin, media personality with a connection to Wales (Pembroke, Pembrokeshire)

Wyn Calvin

Comedian and radio presenter.
Connection: Born in Narberth, Pembrokeshire.

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Wyn Calvin MBE was born in 1928 in Narberth, Pembrokeshire
He worked with ENSA in France, Belgium and the newly liberated Holland.
Starting as a juvenile lead he soon took over as a comedian. After acting in weekly rep he eventually turned to variety as a spot comic.
He did numerous summer seasons at Llandudno, the Central Pier Blackpool, Weymouth, Worthing and Torquay. In pantomime he played Idle Jack, Humpty Dumpty and Buttons before becoming one of the UK's best known 'Dames'.
On radio he's appeared on Workers Playtime, Music Hall and for seventeen years hosted his own chat shows on TV. Known as 'The Welsh Prince of Laughter' he is much in demand as an after dinner speaker in the UK and abroad.


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