Alun Williams, media personality with a connection to Wales (North Wales)

Alun Williams

Commentator, BBC radio and TV.
Connection: Born in North Wales.

comment by:valleys
I believe that Alun Williams was, in fact, born in the Port Talbot/Aberafan area.
He later moved with his family to Llandeilo and then to Pontypridd. He joined the BBC soon after the second world war and became one of the most famous Welsh voices on radio. He was to be heard regularly commentating on major sporting events - not only rugby but occasionally football and even swimming in the 1958 Commonwealth Games in Cardiff. He was also to be heard regularly on the BBC's coverage of Royal events. For example the Coronation in 1953, when he even spoke a few words in Welsh on the BBC World Service and during the Royal Wedding in 1981.
He had a number of long-running and popular programmes on both BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru. He was one of the few broadcasters to succeed equally in both Welsh and English. He died at sea while he was on a cruise in 1989, I believe.

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