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    Gladys Morgan, media personality with a connection to Wales (Swansea)

    Gladys Morgan

    Comedienne on BBC radio and the music halls.
    Connection: Born in Swansea.

    comment by:gilvear
    Does anyone know of any recordings available of Gladys Morgan on CD? I have tried various websites to no avail. Your help will be gladly received. Many thanks.

    comment by:geebee
    There is nothing currently available on cd by Gladys Morgan. Please note that Gladys was never a dame. There seems to be someone on the internet who keeps claiming that the comedienne was Dame Gladys Morgan and lived in Caldy Castle. As a friend of her daughter Joan I know this is completely incorrect as the family lived for years on the south coast.

    comment by:gordrex
    I remember Gladys Morgan and her song 'Let a smile be your umbrella' my favourite funny lady when I was a child.

    comment by:barryashby
    Please can anyone tell me anything about Glady's daughter Joan. I watched a video the other evening and thought she was so funny it was recorded in Eastbourne. . . Please help.

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