Huw Edwards, media personality with a connection to Wales (Llanelli)

Huw Edwards

BBC TV news reader and anchorman.
Connection: Born and raised in Llanelli.

comment by:TimeSlinger
Huw Edwards is born and bred in Llanelli. I heard him one night on the news telling one of the weather girls.

comment by:MadMax
Huw Edwards does for the news what Nigella does for cooking! He makes what would otherwise be dull viewing an absolute pleasure!

comment by:sospan
Huw is from Llangennech, father Hywel Tefi Edwards was/is a big supporter of Plaid Cymru. His mother taught English at Llanelli Girls Grammar School. Huw attended Llanelli Boys Grammar School 1972-1979.

comment by:robertsm
Huw is one of the best and most adaptable news anchors in the country. He was born in Llangennech near Llanelli. He took over the BBC evening news from Michael Buerk.

comment by:Merthyr
I love Huw Edwards. He is the greatest.

comment by:YDdraigGoch
I think Huw Edwards is the most wicked news reader who ever lived! I love him loads!

comment by:YDdraigGoch
Huw Edwards is a really fab news reader! I think he's the best and I love him loads!

comment by:Rhydian_Mann
Dwi'n caru Huw Edwards llawer. Mae e'n hoffi gwneudyr newyddion a dwi'n hoffi e gwneud y newyddion. mae e'n wych

comment by:cgenty
Does anyone know if Huw is right or left-handed?

comment by:HuwsHoney
Huw Edwards is a god, he's the only reason I watch the news. He is totally hot and I can't get enough of that sexy Welsh accent. Swoon!

comment by:welshwannabe
Huw is the greatest news anchor man ever to live. He always makes the news worth watching, with that cheeky look in his eye and his soothing accent.

comment by:fizzer
Huw Edwards is the sexiest beast whoever lived on the planet. He is so hot, but I wish he would die his hair!

comment by:Chloeeeeee
Does anyone know what University Huw went to? He is one fine hottie!

comment by:RhianThomas
Huw went to the University of Wales in Cardiff and graduated with a first class honours degree in French. He is from my village of Llangennech in Llanelli. He is married (such a shame, that) with five children. He is a classical pianist and organist and is a total honey-bun. He is a Welsh speaker and started his career with Swansea Sound. Sorry girls, should he ever become available, I will be first in the queue!

comment by:jgrffn8
He is a turn for men as well! As he is not that way inclined I can only dream.

comment by:goodie
He went to Cardiff University.


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