Stan Stennett, media personality with a Welsh connection!

Stan Stennett

Comedian and character actor.
Connection: Born in Brynna.

comment by:staffsergeant
Many years ago Stan came to my home in Troedyrhiw which is in Merthyr Tydfil as my Grampa was famous for putting peoples backs and joints back in. Stan saw a bike I had made and I gave it to him for his 'Billy and Bonzo Panto'. I would like to ask him has he still got it and to email me. (personal information removed, please use our MessagePad service)

comment by:stagemanager
I would like you to pass this on to Stan as I worked with him at the Princess theatre Torquay in the panto 'Robinson Crusoe'. We played football against Westwood Television and beat them five to three in which game I scored three and Stan bagged a great goal towards the end.

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