Ryan Davies, media personality with a Welsh connection!

Ryan Davies

Part of the famous comedy duo Ronnie and Ryan before their separation in 1975. Continued a solo career until his death in 1977.

Connection: Born in Wales. Does anyone know where? - Ed., the Black Mountains?

comment by:taffparish
I was lucky enough to meet Ryan in early seventies when he and Ronnie did a show at Neath Working Men's Club where I was working behind the bar. Their show was, as always, very entertaining and Ryan's singing of Myfanwy was very moving. One of the very few times the concert hall was silent. I still think his singing voice was as good as, or even better than, his comedy acting and writing. After the show, when the customers had left he came to talk to and thank the bar staff, he really showed himself. He sat with us as we relaxed with a drink before the final clean up and regaled us with jokes and anecdotes of his show-biz career and working life. There was no conceit or egotism with him. He was a genuine, lovely person. I'm very glad I had a chance to meet him

comment by:ella_pepa
I thoroughly enjoyed his memorial concert at the Grand Theatre, Swansea sang by Aberavon Male Voice Choir and with Stuart Burrows as soloist.

comment by:ryanfriend
Ryan and I were lifetime best of friends. We went through school together and were each others best man at our weddings. Ryan died at the age of fourty at my house in Buffalo New York in 1977. He suffered from asthma all his life. He and his wife Irene and their children Arwyn and Bethan were visiting on vacation. Since that awful day, I have lost contact with his family. I would love to hear from someone who knows where they are.

comment by:hannah12
To Ryan's friend. My name is Hannah and I am engaged to Arwyn. He is an actor living in Cardiff. Bethan his sister is also living in Cardiff and Irene is back in Glanamman. If you would like to contact the family then please provide your e-mail address via the MessagePad servers here at this site.

comment by:stavross
I was just seven when Ryan died, in the same year as Elvis Presley, though only one of these great entertainers made worldwide press on the day of their demise. Ryan was and always will be irreplaceable. What a loss, i suppose God must have needed cheering up. Diolch i chi Ryan.

comment by:rockie
Unfortunately at forty he died too young and would have been the best 'Fagin' the world had seen had he lived.

comment by:Morganofgwent
I'm just somone that cared: never met him just seen him on the TV, made me proud to be Welsh. He was destined to bigger things, he was just so genuine, loved the guy. When it came on the news that he'd passed away I was in my car and had to stop driving. They then played his recording of Myfanwy and the tears rolled down my face. I did'nt even know he was a singer knew him for his commedy. He found more that one way to enter your heart. Bless him and best wishes to his family.

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