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Frank Wright, business man with a Welsh connection!

Frank Wright

Highly influential American architect. Best known for 'Falling Water' (house for Edgar J. Kaufmann) and the Guggenheim Museum, New York.
Connection: Of Welsh descent on mothers side.
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the american architect frank lloyd wright (1867-1959) exerted unique influence on the architecture of the first half of this century. this volume presents the whole range of frank lloyd wright's extraordinarily prolific output and shows clearly how his view of the world was a common factor throughout the rich diversity of his oeuvre. from his early prairie houses to the guggenheim museum in new york, frank lloyd wright saw man as the focal point of an architecture closely bound up with nature.

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comment by:Guggenheim
Guggenheim Museum, New York (the building Will Smith races to the roof of chasing the 'blinking' alien in Men in Black).

comment by:theWrightStuff
Welsh connection was also mentioned in the daily tour given at the Institute he founded in Arizona, USA.

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wright-sized houses: frank lloyd wright's solutions for making small houses feel big. this text looks specifically at frank lloyd wright's small houses and his ingenious take on making the most of small spaces. it presents a wealth of ideas for how to build or renovate a house to make it feel more spacious than would seem possible. for readers looking for tips on making a small house feel big, as well as for fans of wright's work of all kinds, this volume is a refreshing window into the achievements of this architect.

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