Will Evans, artist with a connection to Wales (Swansea)

Will Evans

A notable painter of town and countryside. He made a series of water-colour paintings of the devastation following the 1941 blitz on Swansea.
Connection: Born Waun Wen, Swansea, 1888.
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comment by:TheTinMan
Began exhibiting whilst still a student; in 1911 his painting 'Welsh Castle' won first prize at Carmarthen National Eisteddfod. By the 1920's his work was gaining recognition outside of Wales. He became a lecturer in painting at Swansea School of Art and was elected as Associate of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art in 1936. The following year he was elected Academician. 1937 Saw Will establish the Department of Lithography at the Art School. Often referred to as one of the 'Sons of Gwalia', he died in Mount Pleasant Hospital, Swansea in 1957 aged seventy-nine.

comment by:smdavies
Delighted to find the site so easily. I wanted to find out more about him as I would like to identify a particular picture of his. Does a catalogue of his work exist?

comment by:YesMan
I have inherited a number of original watercolours by Will Evans which were all probably painted in the 1930s ( one is not only signed, as they all are but also dated 1930 ). The subjects include a hill landscape; rockpools and a village scene. They are all framed and under glass and of a good size. Are they of value I wonder? Would anyone like to see images of them? Would anyone consider them for an exhibition etc? I would be very keen to know. Best wishes to you all, yesman.

comment by:garthbanks
I have a painting of one of my family's houses. It is signed will Evans and the plaque says Will Evans R. C. A. It is oil on canvas and was titled ?The Wilderness? Kingston Hill. I wonder if it is by the Swansea painter when he was quite young. I know that he is known for his water-colours, but did he paint in oils from time to time? He might have stayed in the house at one time. Is there an example of his signature which I could use for comparison purposes?

South Wales, Swansea

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