Murray Humphreys, adventurer (Al Capone, Chicago, Hood, Gangster) with a connection to Wales (Newtown, Powys)

Murray Humphreys

Al Capone's chief lieutenant, known as 'Murray the Hump'. One of the most successful criminals in US history. Architect of the infamous St Valentine's Day massacre.
Connection: Born in North Clark Street, Chicago in 1899. The son of Brian Humphreys and Ann Wigley of Carno, near Newtown, Powys, Wales.

comment by:SeaSide
When Capone was imprisoned in 1933, Murray was described as America's Public Enemy Number One. His superior intelligence was admired by Capone. Murray organised the syndicate's successful infiltration of legitimate businesses. He became the mob's chief 'fixer' of leading politicians and lawmen in the Chicago area

comment by:Scirocco
Guess what? I live in Llanidloes and am actually The Hump's direct descendant and closest living relative!

comment by:alcohol
My father, Jeffrey Grant Sutton, explained to me that he was the 'Hump's' nephew. I have been trying to trace the relationship but find it really hard. I currenctly reside in Prestatyn, North Wales. If anyone knows anything please post some info.

comment by:Llynfi
He was born on a farm in mid Wales and emigrated to Chicago. Was selling newspapers on a street corner by the age of eight and was adopted by a judge from whom he took the name Murray. He was then trained in law and he is credited with using the 5th amendment to remain silent whilst being cross examined at court.

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His daughter, Luella, (born to a Native American princess) married an Italian actor, Rosanno Brazzi. In 1999, she still spoke highly of her father, praising his sensitivity, generosity and charm. He died in 1965 at the age of 66; being imprisoned only once, in the early 1930s on a minor tax-evasion charge.

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Became public enemy no. 1 on capone's death in 1947. Said to have invented money laundering...."the Hump uses his head". A Capone. Visited Wales in 1963 under an assumed name and died two years later.

comment by:AlCapone
According to a TV show aired on 8th October 2008 Murray Llewellyn Humphreys married his half-Cherokee wife in USA and had a daughter Llewella who was interviewed in the show. She became a concert pianist, fulfilling her father's wish. The programme included early colour film of the family at home at Christmas, 'Murray the hump' featuring prominently.

comment by:Choctaw
My mother-in-law was good friends with Murray's second wife Jeanne, and often spent time as a guest in their home. As I was told, Murray paid for my husband's military school when he was a teen, and was very kind and generous to him and his mother. What a fascinating and complex man.

comment by:vlmushrim
Murray's first wife, Mary, was my great aunt. I was close to Luella (his daughter) until her death in either 1991 or 1992. My mother was close in age to Luella and went to her graduation party where she got (and still has) a picture with Frank Sinatra. My mother loved Murray - she got to spend a lot of time with him.

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