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St.Patrick educated and adventurous, changed his world.

Saint Patrick

After six years of slavery he escaped to Gaul (France), became a Christian and went back to Ireland to convert them to Christianity.

Connection: St. Patrick (real name Maewyn) was Born in Wales and taken into slavery in Ireland by a marauding a tribe.

comment by:EdWelsh
Most famous for driving all the snakes out of Ireland, and having a huge party every year on March 17th (the day he died).

comment by:MyChariotsOnFi
Where in Wales was St Patrick born? It has never been proven that Saint Patrick was from Wales. The closest that can be said that he was captured by Irish raiders on the west coast of Britain which could make him as much English as Welsh and maybe even of Roman descent. No factual evidence here of a Welsh connection. (Actually, 'The English' didn't exist at that time so of all the nations who have lived in Britain, he could not have been English. Apparently the western Celts were early adopters of the fledgling Christian faith. I'd say there's a pretty good chance he was ancient Welsh - Ed)

comment by:Cymraes
There is little chance of him being English, they didn't exist then. However the West coast included Cumbria, Cymru and Kernow. These people were all Brythoneg.

comment by:MalcolmX
He was kidnapped by at the age of sixteen by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland.


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