David Thompson, adventurer with a Welsh connection!

David Thompson

The man who measured Canada! This prodigious explorer surveyed most of the Canadian - US border during the early days of the country. Covering 80,000 miles on foot, dog sled, horseback and canoe some two hundred years ago. He defined one-fifth of the North American continent.

Connection: Of Welsh descent.

comment by:SeaSide
He never sought the spotlight and was regarded as an outsider, 'that Welshman,' staying aloof from the clan of explorers and frontier traders. Age sixty-seven Thompson was busy finding an alternate canal route in southern Ontario, an attempt to avoid the Great Lakes. He died in 1857. Canada received its independence ten years later. He was one of North America's founding fathers.

comment by:BurgerME
Davids Parents were Welsh. David Thompson spoke Welsh at an early age. He always kept the trace of his 'Welshness' all the while he became one of Canada's greatest explorers and geographers. Canada's greatest Geographer,Mapmaker, explorer; setting up numerous fur trade posts throughout Western Canada and establishing trade routes through the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific.

comment by:Californian
En route to the Pacific, David married and had a family with a 'First Nations' woman.

comment by:flutter
I am the great great Granddaughter of David Thompson. I would like more information about his travels in Ontario. Or any information about his children. Can anyone help?




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