Davey Crockett, adventurer

Davey Crockett

American frontiersman.

Connection: Misnomer, There is no evidence he was of Welsh descent.

comment by:cowbridge
I thought Davy Crockett was of Irish and French ancestry. The family was originally named de Crocketagne or Crocketagni, who became Protestants and fled France to avoid persecution. They settled in Ireland, where they changed the surname to Crockett. (Why are protestants fleeing to Ireland of all places? That doesn't make sense to me. - Ed).

comment by:bennyboy
Perhaps there's some Welsh in there somewhere but I thought he was from Ulster-Scots stock. His grandfather or great grand father is supposed to have been inside the walls of Derry whilst James tried to take the city. Hence the great irony that his family had once been surrounded by Catholics in Derry and survived, he then ends up at the Alamo surrounded by Catholics and dies. Some people are just unlucky.

comment by:rfleming
Born in the mountains of Tennessee, most say Greene county above Knoxville. Actually at the time was Jefferson county from which my ancestors also came and being vets of the 'Creek Wars' probably served under. My ancestors returned to that area the war was fought in and settled land grants given to those 'Creek War' vets. They were indeed Ulster Scots but in researching genealogy on them, the earliest I find are actually from 12th century Wales. I reckon the same is true of Davey.

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