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Edgar Evans, adventurer (Scott of Antarctica) with a connection to Wales (Rhossili, West Wales)

Edgar Evans

Traveled with Captain Scott to Antarctica in 1912.
Connection: From Middleton, Rhossili, Gower.

comment by:JayLee
Edgar was the first to die on the return march from the pole.

comment by:electrickery
Died on the return journey February 1912.

comment by:jodiedavies312
He was my great grandfather

comment by:mathildaevans
He was my great grand uncle!

comment by:griffith
Trying to trace the ancestry of Edgar Evans, does anyone have any information?

comment by:SophieThomas
I am a producer at BBC Wales researching a programme about Edgar Evans. I would love to get in touch with any relatives of his. Please contact me if you can. 029 20211771

comment by:UpsilonTiger
As it turns out, science has now shown that poor old Edgar, chosen for his size and strength was the actually wrong 'type' of build for Antarctic survival. Smaller, stocky men are much better suited to these conditions.