Actors : Movie, TV and Theatre stars with roots in Wales

Wales has a fine theatrical reputation to live up to with some of the worlds best actors, actress' and screen writers born and bred in this anchient land! Even more suprising is how many Hollywood stars have strong Welsh connections (Tom Cruise has 'Flint' family history). Our Actor's listing includes names that just fill theatres world wide like Christian Bale, Anthony Hopkins, Ioan Gruffudd and for those who remember, the fantastic Richard Burton and a host of stars from the black and white 'silver screen' days right through to the present.

Allan Jones Actor Cwm, Aberdare, Wales

Allan Jones Born 14th October 1907 died 27th June 1992. Starred in many Hollywood musicals of the 1930's including 'Showboat', 'The firefly' and 'A night at the opera'. Most famous for singing 'The donkey serenade'. Father of crooner Jack Jones.

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