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Sir Anthony Hopkins

Actor From Port Talbot, Wales

A master of the theatrical crafts Sir Anthony Hopkins now lives in America, at the heart of the film industry.

Stage and screen, featured in films such as: 'The Bounty', 'Silence of the Lambs', 'Zoro', 'Remains of the day' and many many more.

Unassuming, quiet, gifted and shrewd are all terms we associated with Hopkins, a true world class player. Surprisingly, he was born in margam, a stone's throw away from Richard Burton and not too far from Catherine Zeta-Jones or Rob Brydon.

Must be something about that part of Wales that brings the 'actor' out. Strangly, one can say Port Talbot is somewhat dramatic, on the grapevine Ridly Scot saw the steelworks at night and it inspired him for the futureistic Los Angeles of Blade Runner.

Sir anthony left wales heading for london to study music and drama at the end of the 1950's. His first break happened when joining the national theatre mid 1960's apparently having been spotted by laurence olivier.

Sir Anthony Hopkins enjoying a nice chianti with  fava beans

Over the years he's worked with other actors with a strong Welsh connection including Timothy Dalton at the end of the 1960's through to Catherine Zeta-Jones in the mask of Zorro. His infuence on movies like Remains of the Day, Howards End, Bligh in the Bounty and even Meet Joe Black is obvious.

Although known mainly for blockbusters like the Hannibal series and he also directs movies and tutors young actors in California.

When asked "How do you feel about critics?" Anthony replied "I just smile" and delivered that Hannibal grin, you have to remember ‘He’s only acting!’ These would be excellent movies anyway but with the Hopkins’ magic they become something else.

Sir Anthony’s Hannibal Lector is part of modern culture. It/he has become (arguably) the new bogie man. Go on, terrify yourself with this set of the THREE Hannibal movies! Horror doesn’t get much better (or worse) than this!


Anthony Hopkins (biography)

Fans will be interested in this biography of Sir Anthony available from amazon. The biography of Anthony Hopkins, revised and updated to include coverage of all of the distinguished actor's films. It includes interviews with friends and family, along with a frank and revealing account of the life and stormy career of one of Britain's most famous stars.

The Remains of the Day

Hopkins delivers one of the finest performances in cinema history as the loyal butler, too dedicated to his job to concentrate on the affairs of his own life. Both Hopkins and Thompson show superb acting and on-screen chemistry that really sets a mark for the British film industry.

Howards End

Howards End is E M Forster's beautifully subtle story of the criss-crossing paths of the privileged and those they disdain and of a remarkable pair of women who can see beyond class distinctions. Dramatic and tragic but also surprisingly funny, this James Ivory film focuses on a pair of unmarried sisters (Emma Thompson, who won an Oscar, and Helena Bonham Carter) --Marshall Fine

The Mask of Zorro

A self-assured Anthony Hopkins is Don Diego de la Vega, a Mexican freedom fighter captured and imprisoned just as Spain concedes California to Santa Ana. Too old to save the local peasants on his own, he trains bandito Antonio Banderas to take his place. Much swashbuckling ensues as Banderas woos Catherine Zeta-Jones, becomes a better human being, and saves the disenfranchised rabble. --Rochelle O'Gorman,

Connection: born in Port Talbot, Wales

COMMENT BY: ChristineSmith

Anthony Hopkins is both a fine actor and a fine man. He is an individual in a world where conformity rules.

His courage to be who he is and do what makes him happy makes him an excellent example of what an individual who follows their heart.

Having seen (and own) over forty-five of his films, read and viewed many interviews and the biography and listened to his beautiful music compositions (August).

I have deep respect and appreciation for the man, not only for his artistic talents but for the values he holds.

His appreciation for the wilderness (as evidenced by his work for Snowdonia) is yet another beautiful aspect of the man's heart. I am inspired in my own life from his example and feel grateful through the example he sets by living his life as he chooses and through the interviews in which he sometimes shares aspects of his beliefs,

I have learned much. He is truly a fine actor, intelligent and intuitive and a truly fine individual.


Was educated at Cowbridge Grammar School, probably one of the most famous old boys.

Link BY: clarice

Everything you could ever want to know past and present, galleries, biography etc about sir tony


His movies are legendary. He is an acting legend. Burton and he are pinnacles that may never be touched again by actors here, now, or ever again.

COMMENT BY: FortuneCookie

He also starred in the sequel to 'Silence of the lambs' Hannibal

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